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videography, audio & image

Did you know that the average human being now views 85% of their video content through social media and web? Stand out from the crowd with a sleek, custom 4k video showcasing yourself, your company, or your products. We dig this stuff and we do it well so you can own some awesome video and paste it right in the face of your new audience. Sell things with a real, moving, and life like production. Real estate sales, crushing your social media, or introducing yourself with a game changing personal video resume. The word is out from past clients that we are super easy to shoot a video with, so what are you waiting for, take things up a notch or three. Side by side is the incredible world of still photography and we take great pride in our images, and we can shoot in just about any location.

videography & edit...


We are proud to own and operate some of the industry’s best state of the art 4k video cameras and capturing devices. From mirrorless to action, steady cam to drone or run and gun stabilization, we’ve got your project covered from every angle.  Our precision editing equipment is the best available and we take serious pride in delivering superior quality audio capture. 

WE ALSO HAVE ACCESS to VARIOUS BOATS and OFF-ROAD vehicles for all of your shoot requirements.


audio & custom recording


Arguably just as important and sometimes more so,  clean and precise audio can make or break your production. We make sure that correct audio time and overdubs are used when the conditions call for it. We own disguisable Lavalier microphones, quality boom mikes, on camera “run and guns, and most importantly we offer multiple studio grade USB mikes that can grab audio in any location.

music and background...

All of our "The Wait" or wait4itfilms video productions vehicle along nicely with OUR OWN music and audio tracks. That's right - we build and produce all of our own audio. This is very important to our production and sets us miles apart from the others, as this allows our customers to share their new media on ANY platform with ZERO copywrite issues. Why is it also crucial for us? Because we are able to create songs and exact feelings to match our edits. This is how things all click in together. 

*Yes, we have hundreds of music tracks for sale for your production needs! We also record voiceovers, scenario audio samples and will write and record you exactly what you need! Please feel free to contact us for listening samples via email or message!



In the creative solutions world, photography and digital imagery go hand in hand. In this day and age its extremely important to compete with exceptional and well thought out photography. We live in a world where everyone is taking photos at a jaw dropping rate. Don’t settle for ordinary images but do let us take things into the air or get right into frame with professional lens choice, and the ultimate in post production work.  We use a surprisingly large amount of photography for creating digital logos. Most likely you’ve figured out by now that all the images here were captured by us. Let us get the shot, you’ll be happy we did!

sample videos...

YOUR NEXT EASY STEP: seriously consider wait4itFILMS for creating professional video & production content for you. It's easier than you think. Contact us below right now!
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