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Utilize 30 years of experience running tidal and freshwater lodges & resorts.


Brent Gill has spent the last three decades in the Fishing & Adventure Lodge and Resort Industry. From guiding at Redfern River Lodge, to guiding and Lodge and operations management for West Coast Resorts at Whale Channel, Milbanke Sound and Hippa Island on the Haida Gwaii, to Lodge Management at Stoney Lake Lodge, to The Recreation Manager Roll for the entire Douglas Lake Ranch, onto the General Manager and Operations roll for the start up of Piney Point Resort on Sheridan Lake. From basic RV sites to full hook ups, 5 star food and beverage and bar programs, to floating and land based facilities, to the conceptional design of new resorts and marinas, to staffing, machinery, boat fleet management, marketing and sales. Brent has a stacked history and knowledge within this industry in BC.





-How to capitalize on free regional marketing incentives.

-Which months are key to work on outbound sales.

-Making web and social media extremely easy.

-What trade shows produce actual reservations.

-How to structure pricing and understanding shoulder seasons.

-How & which associations are beneficial to operations.

-When and how to drive repeat customers using the “TRTR” approach to reservations.

-How the “TRTR” can achieve a consistent 85% rebooking rate.

-How to deal with discounting and group booking incentives.

-What “cancellation policies” and deposit procedures assist with cash flow.

-What software and reservations system work best for these unique properties.

-How to obtain free marketing assistance from your clientele.

-Tips and tricks to handle your streamlined communications while absent or on holidays.

-Storing media.

-What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

-How are your SEO ratings?

-How much does it cost to hire a professional photographer?

-What are "social media influencers" and how can they drive business?

-Am I doing enough marketing?

-Is the business fitting to brand and why does this matter?

-Website and Social reviews.

-Current Content Reviews.



-What to expect season one.

-What is the “3Y” expectation.

-What do Lodges and Resorts “cover up” during a sale.

-How to read and understand “the books”.

-Are “the books” fluffed - how, why and when?

-Watercraft. Docks. Guides. Rentals.

-Lodge and Resort Storage.

-Water system and guidelines.

-Sewer System and guidelines.

-Winterization and guidelines.

-Common washhouse and shared facilities challenges.

-Parking, extra parking, boat moorage and trailers.

-Transportation costs. Fly-in / Boat-in / Drive-in.

-THE SHOCKER = Garbage and Recycling.

-Identifying “aged or useless” equipment included with the sale.

-Why Lodges and resorts change hands so frequently?

-The challenges of inheriting long term customers.

-How to deal with complaints.

-How to set your base rules with guests and the property.

-Common problems with large groups.

-How to deal with previous ownership.

-How to “clean up” existing deals and discounts.

-How to adjust and leverage price increases.

-What to focus on & prioritize with R&M requirements.

-When to plan your R&M projects around reservations.



-Managers vs Ownership; how to find a balance.

-Finding time for social media & free marketing - tricks of the trade!

-Where to obtain free & coop marketing.

-Are you attending trade shows - are they worth the cost?

-Are your prices in-line and meeting expectations?

-Are you still trapped in the “way things were”.

-What are your guests saying about your facility and how to find out.

-Are your different guest experiences / types of stays cohabitating?

-Season expansion and alternate marking opportunities to expand your shoulder season.

-Is there opportunities to gain winter revenue?

-How to get out of the red ink and what is the 3Y target?

-How to implement the “TRTR” and what it does for sales and cash flow.

-How to address a price increase and when to do it.

-Seasonal Staffing challenges.

-Seasonal Staffing minimums and the smartest job descriptions.

-Food and Beverage bottom Lines and smart alterations to design. 

-Utilizing work campers and how to manage.

-How to streamline guest expectations.

-R&M, defining the “wants and needs”.

-R&M, where and how can your investments pay back.

-What reservation system to use.

Something to consider.

Dozens of fishing and adventure lodge & resort properties are being listed and sold each year in British Columbia alone. As potential real estate investments for couples, families, corporations or individuals chasing their "dream" to own and or operate one of these properties. There's numerous factors that can make these operations a great investment or an unforgiving money pit, that many first time buyers or operators may not have ever considered - or even be aware of. There are also dozens of these properties that are running extremely inefficiently, with out proper guidance, experience and consultation. Most of the time, in our experience its just a few adjustments to staffing, marketing and infrastructural design and operations that can turn these ventures into successful ones.
If you are interested in buying, developing or selling a Fishing / Adventure Lodge or Resort and are in need of experienced - professional consultation we are here to help, no matter the size or age of the operation. Please feel free to contact Brent Gill at the email listings below to start a conversation about your future or already existing plans within this industry. We look forward to working closer with you and your property.

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