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custom artwork and design

As the name states, we take serious pride in our obsession with creativity. It’s almost like a fire that requires a constant stoke. So what else could we do to keep the flame burning? 

You reach out to people, you reach out and share your passion and fuse ideas. THEN, you help create and design a completely new and exciting brand. We have created numerous logos and branded apparel ideas for many kickass companies!

Apparel. Media. Cards. Profiles. Signage. Stickers. Infinity.


logo & branding

We would love to discuss, discover, and deliver an exciting new logo and rebranding for your business or personal profile. Consultations are at no cost to you and with the latest sharing technology we can update you throughout the design process. We have been praised (more than once) about how fast our turnaround design time is. You can describe it, sketch it, show it, or leave it 100% to us. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. All this creative work can also apply to custom applications such as vehicle or boat decals, websites and email banners, custom business cards, and retail packaging, just to name a few.  Simply send us an email or social DM to get things started asap!

Valley Sturgeon Logo .png
Little Mountain master files.png
Canadian LLama Logo_COMPLETED.png
YOUR NEXT EASY STEP: strongly consider teaming up with thewaitCREATIVEco to create a new brand logo, apparel, packaging or imaging for you!  It's much easier than you think. Contact us below right now!
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