Thank you 100% for exploring our products display list. We are currently in great conversations with leading manufacturers in the outdoors and adventure industry. We will be announcing shortly, a superior line of products that we will be taking on as representation. We look extremely forward to repping equipment that we not only use, but we stand by.

*If you are interested in having thewaitcreativeco involved with representation and or marketing your products, please contact us with the links provided below.

Introducing our field testing and sales for Mayhem Fly Fishing

We recently obtained a few 10 foot / 5 weight stillwater combos from Mayhem Fly Fishing. At a first glance and traditionary shake, these 10 foot #5 four piece trout rods feel and look pretty darn good for the price. There's absolutely a place for a logger rod in this price bracket in the stillwater and high sticking trout game. The reel is nicely designed aesthetically and should suffice for an attractively priced line holder. Check out the video here for a closer look. If you are interested in more information or purchasing this equipment please feel free to contact us directly through the email button below!

A strong Relationship with the world's finest hand crafted nets. Moby Nets.

As an avid stillwater and moving water angler, I cannot imagine being equip with anything less than a Moby Net. These handcrafted, lightweight works of art are built to spec in Maple ridge, British Columbia by Don Chatwin. Please feel free to contact us at any time in concerns to what model's we use and field test / prefer. We also have a very unique Moby Whale Custom Airbrush and art work series that we produce very limited numbers of annually. Please contact us directly for pricing and availabilities.



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